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Formed in 2002, Pro Racks is fast becoming the premier supplier of snake and reptile racking systems in the UK and Europe. Based in East Anglia the staff have over 50 years experience in custom fabrication, development and design.

We have supplied systems to some of the top snake breeders in the Uk and Zoological Societies. All systems can be supplied complete and ready to go with tubs, heat mats and pulse stats


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We have been working some really exciting projects over the past few months which we are proud to present below...

First off, we have taken the design of the Pro Hatch incubator up to the next level by incorporating a newly designed slide system for each level in the incubator.Utilising ball roller draw slides, each shelf can now be pulled out effortlesly to inspect those precious eggs with minimum disturbance to the clutch.

Shown above is the aluminium bodied version set up to take 8 x 33ltr Really Useful tubs. We have now also included an adaptor rack which allows for replacing the 33ltr tubs with either 2 x 9 ltr Rubs or 4 x 5ltr Rubs therfore making this system extremely flexible.

Not, being content with this development, as good as it is, we again fired up the CAD system and took it a step further. Complete stainless steel slider incubator as the one above but on this unit, each shelf has its own individual heat mats same ball roller draw slides but also inclusion of Habistats new digital thermostats.

So while we were at it, we though we might aswell go the whole hog and build a rack to suit the style of the new incubator.....

Constucted from lightweight aluminium sheet, machined billets and stainless steel tubing. We think we acheived the ultimate rack. Heat mats are now housed within the removable aluminium shelves giving constant tempreture throughout. The tubs now run on a removable polished stainless steel frame. Electrical cables are housed in a single conduit down the back of the rack which leads to a stainless steel control box on top with twin digital thermostats.

This system has been in development for several months now and we think we have acheived what we set out to do.

We are still maintaining our works motto of "Yes we can" when asked if we can build a system to suit "my room" and have manafactured many specials over the past eleven years. So if you think you may have an awkward space - give us call, we can help.

We still have a large stock of rodent breeding racks for those who want to "grow your own". These are used racks but are in 1st class condition, sold complete with tubs and water bottles - again call for details.

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