high quality reptile racking systems

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double 33ltr RUB

This is the replacement system for the large Contico tub, utilising the 33 ltr Really Usefull tub. Available in sections as detailed below or as a complete system ready to go. Start your system with a castor base and then mix and match with either the single, double or triple levels to build a complete bespoke system. If you require a mix of any of the other systems to create a multi size system- please call as we can usually accomodate


Steel Single level - includes
2 tubs and 1 heat mat

£150.00 ea

Steel Double level - includes
2 heat mats and 4 tubs

£275.00 ea

Steel Triple level - includes
3 heat mats and 6 tubs

£400.00 ea

Steel Castor base - includes
2 heat mats and 4 tubs and
4 castors


Steel Complete 8 level
system Includes fused junction
box, 8 heat mats 2 pulse proportional thermostats and 16 tubs.

£1000.00 complete

Aluminium extrusion system
10 level system

£1350 complete

Detail of extrusion system

Detail of extrusion system